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An Insight Into Web Hosting Services

The internet is perfect medium to access millions of customers worldwide. For this you need to have an attractive website. A website has to be uploaded on an Internet server. You can either lease a server from a web hosting company or get some shared space from a shared server. A good web host operates 24 hours a day ensuring that the server is never down when people try to access your site. Such a site should be equipped with high speed connections to produce your web pages with good speed whenever the web address is typed into the browser. Backup power facilities are also essential in case of power failure.

First you need to find a suitable domain name which is the web addresses commonly used for convenience instead of a series of numbers which form the IP address. You will also need a domain name server which will interpret your domain name to the IP address. You need to register your domain name with the registrar of domain names and by this time a web host provider should be ready to accept your site to their server.

Once an account is opened with a web hosting company and the domain name server is set, the next step is to upload the web pages. The web host has to provide the necessary directions to their client on how to up load the files and their location etc. They have to be uploaded to a public html folder. An FTP or File Transfer Protocol is used for this purpose.

Bandwidth is another important aspect of web hosting. Normally, the amount of traffic a web hosting company expects determines the bandwidth allocated. The extent of downloadable content the website contains and the number of hits the site receives will make a good scale for bandwidth calculation. The usual allocation is around 3 GB for smaller buyers and over 200 GB for large scale and high traffic sites.

Your web host provider should be able to provide you with as many email accounts as you consider necessary. Also the space provided should be adequate. Generally a basic website would require 1 MB which will go up as you keep on adding music, pictures, videos etc.

Check for additional services from the web hosts like shopping carts, free templates, a n efficient monitoring system and marketing services. Also ensure that you get accurate web statistics i.e. an idea of the number of visitors to your site.