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Web Development Basics

Web development is basically the term used to refer to the activities that are connected in the development of a website to be put up on an Intranet or the World Wide Web. It could be split into different areas like web content development, web server configuration, server side coding, client side coding and of course, web design.

But among webmasters and other web professionals, the term web development is commonly used to refer to the aspects of website building which are not directly related to designing such as coding and writing markup. It could range from the design and development of a simple web page that only has plain text to the most sophisticated and complex electronic businesses, web-based applications or social networking services.

With bigger organizations and companies, the teams are made up of lot of people, probably even hundreds. But the smaller companies might just require one contracting or permanent Webmaster. Web development could be considered as something that would require the collaborative effort between several departments instead of just one.

Web developers must have a couple of skills and sufficient knowledge in web and graphic designing, copywriting and proofreading that incorporates concepts in web accessibility and search engine optimization, information architecture and other IT development aspects.

There have been a lot of transformation and change that have been brought about by web development, particularly in the world of e-commerce. Online resellers like and as well as auction websites like eBay have changed the overall shopping experience of online consumers.