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How to Make Money Hosting a Designer Purse Party!

If you love designer purses and want to make money, you may want to consider hosting a designer purse party.

A designer purse party is a home party where a group of women get together to socialize and buy designer purses in a friendly and unpressured environment. As a host of one of these parties, you would provide a selection of designer purses for your party attendees to choose from. It’s possible to buy designer purses at excellent prices if you know the proper sources.

Usually designer purse parties are well attended with excellent sales potential. Who can resist a designer purse at a great price? You would create an environment that’s ripe for buying by displaying your purses attractively and providing light snacks, desserts or coffee to make everyone comfortable.

The women at your party would have the chance to touch, hold, and try on the different purses and get the opinion of other women in attendance. You could even turn it into a mini fashion show! At some designer purse parties, the host will lead the crowd in a game or two to break the ice, but this usually isn’t necessary as most women are anxious to view the designer purses.

All you need to get started is a source for designer purses, a place to host your party, a list of friends, invitations, a calculator, a book to collect email addresses, refreshments, and a box to hold your money. If you choose to accept credit cards, you’ll also need a merchant account, although this isn’t necessary, particularly in the beginning.

Upon hosting your first successful party, you’ll want to recruit a party attendee to host the next party by offering them a free designer purse or a portion of any sales they generate. Usually, party attendees are quite enthusiastic about hosting a designer purse party once they see how fun they can be.

You can continue to build your business by hosting more parties and recruiting more designer purse party hosts in your area. It’s easy to advertise on local bulletin boards, by word of mouth, and even placing a magnetic sign on your car to create a moving advertisement.

The sky’s the limit to the level of success you can achieve with your designer purse party business! You can keep it small by hosting most of the parties yourself or build it into a very lucrative business where others do most of the selling for you. The choice is yours. Why not see how fun and profitable a purse party business can be?