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How to Find a Great Professional Photography Web Hosting Site

When Choosing your professional photography web hosting site there are lots of professional photography web hosting services to pick from. But how do you know which one is for you? For the professional photographer your website is very important as this is a fantastic way to expand your client list, get your name known and show off your work.

As a photographer you want to be spending time on your art. There is already enough time spent within business on paperwork and Tax issues and marketing. So the site that is for you, will help you maintain a beautiful portfolio, help you to sell your photos and give you a wider audience. However, it needs to do all this without taking too many precious photography hours from your working week.

There are many professional photography web hosting sties to choose from. So what do you need included that suits the professional photographer? A really good professional photography web hosting site will ideally have most if not all of the following criteria:

o It will have an easy to use admin system

o Will require no additional software

o Be PayPal integrated for online sales

o Give you your own domain name

o Give you the option to have as many images as you want

o Complete flexibility and control over the uploading of images and editing of your site

o Give you a great look to display your images

o Ideally give you a FREE trial period so you know you are happy before committing to their service

o Allow you to tag your photos with keywords for easy reference and searching

It is also important that your professional photography web hosting site is cost effective. There is nothing wrong with paying out good money for a really good site, however it is important that your new site gives you value for money and improves your business prospects by expanding your client base.