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How Video Marketing Came To Be

Before, only the richer companies were the ones who were able to afford the recording and hosting of web marketing videos. Advertising agencies or Media companies usually created these videos. And because there were expensive to produce, they mainly consisted of branding and corporate promotion messages.

It is known that the audience of corporate advertisements was very small, making the return on investment for these videos very poor – unless you were the advertising agency who produced the video clip.

Fortunately, however, with the convergence of technologies, the production of online marketing videos for business, product or service promotion has become a lot cheaper, simpler and easier. Here are the factors, which brought about this online video revolution.

1. The Macromedia Flash Player

Macromedia has created and developed the latest flash player that has the ability of playing FLV or flash videos. These videos were a highly compressed but still of high quality video standard. This flash player enabled webmasters with the ability of hosting video on a standard server.

2. Broadband Access

As broadband access started to become a lot more affordable and available to average Internet users, high-speed connections rapidly became the best and most popular way of getting online. This made media streaming to be of high enough quality so that it could be viewed on a home computer.

3. YouTube

YouTube was able to offer a free hosting platform so that anyone could put their videos on the web. They no longer needed an expensive server.

4. Hardware Quality

With all the online components coming together making the production of online videos simpler, the tools and hardware that were required to create the videos also dropped their prices, even though their quality improved.

5. Cheaper Software for Editing

As more and more software developers appeared in the market, the prices of software used for editing became cheaper as well, because of the competition.