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Web Hosting – What’s the Difference?

If you are new to the online world, you may have heard the term web hosting but don’t really understand what the meaning of it is. When you are visiting a website, each page of that website that you visit is actually a file that someone has created that you have just downloaded in your browser. A website is usually made up of many pages, if not hundreds or thousands of different pages. Each of these pages is made up of texts and images that the web browser can read to allow you to view them. All of these pages which are also called files are located on a computer called a web server that allows online users to access them.

When someone is planning on creating a website, they will need to find a web server that will allow them to store there files for their website. Companies that provide web servers to host websites are called web hosting providers. When looking for a website hosting provider, they will provide different types of web hosting services. The main types of web hosts can be organized as: shared hosting, dedicated hosting, co-location hosting and reseller hosting.

Shared hosting consists of many different websites sharing the same space on the same server. Depending on the web host, a web server can host a few hundred websites up to the thousands. Web servers are normally equipped with high performance computers and can support many websites without any problems. If the server does become overloaded, this is when you will experience a slower response from the server.

Dedicated hosting consists of one server that is setup to be used by only one customer. The customer usually has the option to host other sites from this server and modify the software configuration. Using a dedicated server has the benefit of handling heavy loads of traffic and bandwidth.

Co-location hosting consists of the customer owning their own web server hardware but has it housed with the web hosting provider’s secure data center. By using this method, the customer will have full control over the server and benefit from the 24/7 web server monitoring and maintenance that the secure data center provides.

Reseller hosting consists of the web hosting provider offering server storage to a third party at a discounted rate. The customer then resells storage on the web server to their own customers. You will find that many of the smaller website hosting providers is actually reselling web server space from another provider.

When looking for a website hosting company, don’t always go with something that is very cheap. You want to make sure that you are going to get good quality service, even if it means paying a little more each month.