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Dedicated Web Hosting – Do You Need to Have It?

Shared hosting is a wonderful and inexpensive starting point for a smaller websites that do not have great amount of traffic. With time your website can outgrow the constrains of a shared web hosting plan. At this the time you may consider to purchase a dedicated server as your hosting solution. Dedicated web hosting may cost you as much as $500 a month, and today many web hosting providers offer products called Virtual Private Servers or Virtual Servers. These products offer power and flexibility of a dedicated server yet at much lower price.

Ownership of a dedicated server can b compared to owning a piece of property. You can put around a little fence and decide how much furniture and equipment you need.

Here are few of many benefits of dedicated web hosting solution

You can expect your service to be much more reliable due to the fact that with dedicated server you do not share space with others. With shared hosting you may share space with 10 or even 100 other users. Not only do you share the hosting space but data transfer as well. If your average use of data transfer becomes more that 10% of allowed monthly transfer, you may be politely asked to close your account. While with dedicated hosting you are allowed to increase your data transfer if needed.

You should expect much better performance from dedicated web hosting solution. Your site should be faster since your are not sharing neither processor, disc space or data transfer with other users.

As no one else accesses your server you can be assured of a greater security, unless of course you are your own enemy.

With dedicated web hosting solution you will have a dedicated or some call it “static” IP address. With shared hosting you share IP address with other users and traffic to your website is directed by the server after examining the “host header”. With dedicated server you can access your site with your IP address.

While dedicated server offers some benefits that you may not receive from shared hosting, you should examine and compare your web site’s needs against benefits of dedicated hosting.