Why Not Choose a Cheap Web Hosting Company?

If you want to maintain a website, you may be wondering if you should just choose a cheap web hosting company in order to save a few dollars. After all, the site needs to built and maintained and this can cost quite a bit upfront and every single month. Saving money anywhere and everywhere you can is very tempting, especially to those just starting out with an e-commerce or business site.

While you don’t need to pay top dollar for a host site if you don’t need all the “bells and whistles,” there are some important considerations to keep in mind when it comes to a cheap web hosting company. Your host is just as important as the site itself, since the host maintains the site, the security, the transactions of the site, and so on.

You absolutely must consider your own needs when shopping for a host site. What works for someone else, even someone you know with a site, is not necessarily going to be right for you. Will a discount host site offer you the bandwidth you need to make sure all your pages load correctly? What about add-ons such as flash or streaming video? Can they maintain these features without compromising the speed and quality of your site?

If you want to run an e-commerce site, you’ll need to worry about the security as well. Customers must know that their transactions are secure and anything that happens to their credit card or payment information may come back to be your responsibility, if you don’t have the proper security features in place.

A cheap web hosting company may not be able to support the features you need for your site in particular. If you just need a few pages of information about yourself or a company you run offsite, your needs may be simple. But for most, there are other considerations that will factor into your choice for a host.

Saving a few dollars on a site host is great, but what happens when your site goes down? Or when transactions can’t be completed? Or when pages load so slowly that customers click away and don’t come back to your site?

These things happen when you choose a site host that doesn’t maintain the site or offer enough memory and bandwidth to support it properly. All of this means lost revenue for an ecommerce site and potentially lost customers as well. When someone experiences problems with a site, they’re likely to click away and not return in the future. So those few extra dollars you pay every month for a well-maintained and well-supported site may be worth it, if it means having a site that is always working.