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Family Barbecue Hosting Tips

Plan Ahead. The food to be served is the most important and fun part of the whole barbecue hosting experience. The food should match the theme of the party. Make sure you have the right utensils and grilling equipments to be able to grill the food safely.

Grill healthy. I always make sure grilled fruits and vegetables are present in the menu. Grilling improves the taste of fruits and vegetables. It will also help the family to stay healthy and encourage kids to eat healthy. Aside from that minimize the meat serving per person. How? By serving smaller amount of meat and adding of the other dishes like grilled seafood, salads, other side dishes or grilled desserts!

Keep it cool. Make sure you have enough room in your cooler for food and beverages that need to be stored cool. This is very important to avoid food from being stale.

Keep ’em busy. To make it fun for everyone, plan some activities like parlor games for the kids or karaoke and holiday charades for adults.

Keep ’em safe. At the barbecue party safety should always be the top priority. Make sure the barbecue grill is far enough away from any flammable materials and from where people would usually pass by. Follow the lighting procedure provided in your grill manual. Keep the water hose close to easily put off the fire in case it goes out of control. Keep in mind that fat from meat on the barbecue grill is the cause of flare-ups so you might want to use tongs in grilling to keep the juices and to avoid fire that can go out of control.

Clean it up. When the party is over, make sure you clean the area and your grill for the next family BBQ party.

Hope these family barbecue hosting tips have provided some guideline for you. Have fun on your next barbecue party!