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Most Profitable Reseller Plan

Reseller hosting is a form of internet hosting. The account owner uses the allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third parties. Host’s services are purchased on wholesale by reseller and are sold to customers for profit. A certain portion of hard drive and bandwidth is allocated to the reseller account.

Did you know that even the large hosting companies resell hosting? Servers or space are taken rent from larger companies in bulk and their hosting are sold to you. Servers are owned or taken rent in a data center by companies generating tens of millions of dollars.

Resell Hosting Defined

Simply put the Reseller as a middle-man who sells web space on somebody else’s server. Reselling schemes vary widely.

They may be categorized as follows:

– For the web hosting company reseller acts as agent. People buy direct from the web hosting company but the reseller gets a cut if customers mention the reseller’s name.

– For the online hosting company reseller acts as marketer. Services are bought by people from the reseller but all further contact they have directly with the web hosting company.

– The reseller appears to be a web hosting company in his own right, handling sales and support but ‘rebadges’ somebody else’s service.

– Large chunk of web space and bandwidth from the internet hosting company are purchased by reseller and are then carved into individual chunks of space/bandwidth for sale to customers.

Advantages of Resell Hosting Plans

– The price of reseller hosting plans is lower than shared hosting plans.

– Inventories got by reseller in reseller hosting plans are much higher when compared to shared hosting.

– You will have more time to focus on your work by Outsource the resell hosting support thereby spending time on hosting support.

– There is better manageability of account with reseller hosting as you have one hosting account to manage all clients.

The ideal solution for companies and people who don’t have the necessary patience, time or resources in order to take care of their servers’ maintenance and data centers, are represented by Reseller hosting companies.

Additional services such as merchant accounts, SSL Certificates, search engine optimization, domain name registration are presented by Reseller Hosting. Another interesting aspect is, larger numbers of businesses and individuals in need of hosting services can be responded by resellers, thus asking for reduced set up fees and monthly charges.

Resell Hosting is thus beneficial not only to those who need it, but also to those who provide it. To sum up, the benefits of such web hosting are far more numerous than the drawbacks and with proper research, reseller hosting might be the solution you were looking for.

Resell Hosting Plans

Customers should look for reseller hosting plans that provide advantages over their competitors by allowing them to meet all customer requirements; enjoy flat rate pricing and increase profit margins. You can offer hosting as a value-added service, or build your own web hosting empire once you choose your reseller internet hosting plan. It is amazing how easy, lucrative, and cheap it is to become your very own hosting company! Most reseller hosting plans allow you to create unlimited web sites under your own packages, prices, and brand. The best part is that you keep 100% of the money you collect.

Go ahead – get started without further delay!