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How to Start a Blog – 5 Simple Steps

Uncertain about how to start a blog? Well, it’s considerably less complicated than you may have imagined.

If you’ve never started a blog previously, you may feel slightly intimidated. But you will be able to  get a new blog up and going  with a few simple steps.

When selecting a niche topic, attempt to select something you’re interested in and feel passion for. You’re going to be maintaining your blog for some time, and you do not need to start out with a niche topic  you’ll eventually get tired of.

If you would like to make money with your blog, you should also select a subject with money-making potential. Consider all the  things people spend cash on, like pet  products, eBooks on losing weight, and guides on wedding plans on a budget. You will be able to make money in any of those niche topics.

Selecting the best name for your blog will make a major difference. So spend a while on it. And be sure you work the name of your niche topic into the title.

Where can you host your blog?

For somebody new to blogging, having your blog hosted by Blogger might  be a good choice. The service is completely free, and takes very little technical knowledge to use. You can also monetize your Blogger blog with Google AdSense ads and several affiliate products.

WordPress is the preferred platform choice if you want to use your own domain name, instead of using a subdomain name. It also offers you more options.

With WordPress, you will have to use your own web host, like HostGator or GoDaddy, to host your blog. You will also need to buy a domain name, which you can purchase for less than 10 dollars.

Most people find the idea of installing WordPress themselves daunting. However many web hosts make the process very easy.

Sign up for a Google AdSense account, and post AdSense ads on your blog. Locate some affiliate products in your niche topic, and place your affiliate link and a photo (if possible) in your sidebar.

There are so many more ways to monetize (make money with) your blog, but these are the best and easiest place to start.

Make a blog post in your blog each day for at least the first two weeks. Later, you may reduce that to posting about every other day, or a few times a week. However, starting out, you will want to fill your blog with quality, fresh content.

When you learn how to start a blog  it’s a lot easier than most people might think. The most important idea is to start right now. The sooner you begin, the sooner you will start to make money blogging.