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Choosing a Web Site Host For Your Online Business

Whatever online business you have, whether you are focusing on affiliate marketing, niche marketing or e-commerce site, choosing a reliable web hosting is critical to your success. Today, internet grows very rapidly as well as the number of competitors that you have so it is a must that you are ready to keep up with the competition.

There are thousands of web site hosting companies trying to pull your attention to them and this can get you more confused. If you made a wrong choice now, this will eventually cost you more time, effort and money. The thought of transferring a site to another web host is scary so it is better to make a wise decision now than later.

Here are some questions that may help you select the best web host for your website the very first time out.

* Is there any initial fee and how much?

* Does the fee include the cost of the domain?

* How much bandwidth is allowed each and every month? Is that enough for your needs or would it be too much?

* How much disk space is included in the package? Would the space allowed enough should you need to add more pages to your site?

* What are the essential features that are provided on your website’s control panel?

* Will you have unlimited email accounts?

* Do you get free auto responders that you may use for your business?

* Is it compatible with most of the shopping carts available online?

* Does it include Awstats, Webalyzer or any comprehensive website analysis tool to help you analyze traffic and track your website’s performance?

* Is there any search engine submission tools provided?

* Are you given access to your own cgi-bin directory?

* Are there any installed web design tools or any site builder software that comes with the package?

* Is there any Spam check tool?

* Is the technical support free and available anytime?

* Does the web host provide any security measures like Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for setting-up an e-commerce site?

* Does the web host connect at a favorable speed?

* Are there any unfavorable reviews that you must be aware of and is critical to your own business?

* How much does it costs if you will be paying monthly?

* Does the web host package allow you to host multiple domains?

If you are budget conscious, you must not forget that you always get what you paid for therefore aside from the price, quality and reliability are definitely some things that you need to consider too. Web host package can range from $0.00 to more than $200.00 a month depending on what kind of web hosting package you decide to use for your business. The more expensive web hosting solutions are for those planning to build an ecommerce site and therefore needs some extra features from their web host provider or those companies who prefer to have a dedicated hosting rather than share space and resources with other websites. We would mostly talk about the regular shared web hosting that is commonly promoted online.

Let us take a look at some types of web hosting available today.

FREE Web Hosting

If you are putting up a site for a hobby or for other purpose not related to business, you may want to consider getting a free web hosting to save you some money. But be aware that most free web hosting companies will give you low bandwidth, poor customer support, slow connection times, and bad server uptime. A website that is often down usually has poor SEO ranking so it is not advisable that you host your business website to a free site. Other disadvantage is that the free web host provider would sometimes put their ads to your homepage that can distract your clients. Affiliate program owners would also not allow you to join their programs if your website is hosted free.

CHEAP Web Hosting

If you have a limited budget and you don’t want to spend money for a virtual private server or a dedicated server, or you are just starting to build your business, a low cost web hosting might be something that you may want to consider for the moment.

Most web host providers can give you a space for $2.00 to $10.00 a month. Many though, do not offer you a Control Panel and some other useful features like subdomains and add-on domains or you may only be provided with limited email accounts, lower bandwidth, with no web analytics software, etc.

If you think you can do away with these extra features, cheap web hosting might be a workable solution especially if your needs are not for an online business.


If you are really serious in putting up an online business, it really pays if you plan ahead and look for a web host that can help you run a smooth and successful business.

Your website needs continuous adding of content so sooner, you will need an extra space for that. You also need more bandwidth allowance as your traffic increases. You may also want a control panel that makes monitoring of your website easier. The extra features are also important as those will help you serve your customers well and run your business successfully. Technical support is also something that you need especially if you are new to online business or has no experience in managing a website using a control panel.

Nowadays, the cost of Professional web hosting does not differ much with the Cheap web hosting, only if you know where to look for it. It may not be free but it will give you more for what you paid for. An extra few dollars that you are going to spend for your web hosting is worth a thousand if you want your online business to succeed and prosper in the future.