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The Ten Commandments of Affordable Web Hosting

With so many companies offering web hosting services these days, you can easily find affordable web hosting. Indeed, gone are those days when only the bigwigs are able to get their businesses online because web hosting packages now come in all budget sizes.

Nonetheless, there are still basic rules to keep in mind when choosing an inexpensive web hosting service. These “10 commandments” of affordable web hosting are as follows:

First is to look for the reliability factor. If you want your business to prosper online, you will need your service provider to be someone you can depend on. A good web host should be able to render support to you whenever you need him. You need your web host to immediately respond to your queries whether it’s two in the morning or two in the afternoon. Thus, it is necessary for your web host to provide you with more than one means you can communicate with each other.

The next thing to look out for is the uptime percentage. An affordable web host should be able to provide you with an uptime percentage of not less than 99%. Always remember that downtimes can translate to huge losses on your part, so make sure that your web host is able to offer you a more than acceptable uptime percentage.

Third, go over the history of the web host you plan to deal with. It pays a lot to collaborate with someone who has been in the business long enough.

Fourth, consider, too, the fees if they are indeed worth the services being offered to you. Cheap web hosting services typically range from $1 to $10 a month.

You must also need to go over the features the come with each package if they meet your website’s requirements. The amount of space and bandwidth is an important consideration when choosing a company to host your site.

The sixth commandment is to go over review sites because these are among the best sources of information of the top web hosting providers that are within your budget.

Participating in technological forums is also a must-do in order for you to find the best web host. It is here where you can meet IT professionals and other web hosting experts.

Eighth, search for customer reviews and testimonials. Usually when a customer is satisfied or dissatisfied with a particular service there’s a good chance that he will write about it. Take time to search for reviews of this kind.

Ninth, the type of server is another important consideration, too. Servers are of two types — dedicated and shared; as much as possible, go for dedicated servers because this means that you are not going to share the same server with other clients.

Finally, don’t change web host at inappropriate times. Changing web hosts can mean a lot of technical changes and even loss of data. Because of this, it becomes all the more important for you to think things through before deciding on a web host. You need to find one with whom you can partner with for a long time.