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Hosting a Shoe Shopping Party in Six Easy Steps

Do you enjoy searching for new and fun ways to entertain? How about hosting a shoe shopping party? Who said that baseball was America’s favorite past time? For many women shoe shopping is probably considered a sport or at least an art form. I know that it is for my friends and I. The art, skill, and tenacity it takes to find and score that perfect pair of stilettos or those adorable flats is all that it takes to fill most women with exuberant joy and tears of happiness.

Hosting a shoe shopping can be as simple or complex as you like. Here are some ideas to help you plan your party.

If you plan to visit a department store be sure to notify the shoe department manager and inform him/her that you and your friends will be paying them a visit on your chosen day. Nordstrom has a wonderful shoe department and is very accommodating. Don’t forget to ask for a dedicated sales person, coupons and or store promotional items. Be sure to include the list of stores you plan to visit in your invitation.

Once you’ve decided on the stores that you and guests will be visiting, be sure to include time to dine or to enjoy happy hour. Also consider ending the day with a little pampering from your favorite pedicure spa. Be sure to include your itinerary in your invitation.

Decide if your guests will carpool or arrive separately. Suggestion: Have everyone chip in and rent a limousine or a van for the day.

Send shoe theme invitations to all of your favorite shoe shopping buddies. Once your guests RSVP contact the stores that you’ve selected and inform each store manager of the number of guests in your party. As I mentioned earlier some department stores are very accommodating and may even rope off a section of the shoe department just for your party.

Coordinate your arrival time with the salon manager or owner. Make sure that you and your guests are serviced at the same time and sitting together. Be sure to have a couple of bottles of chilled bubbly, champagne flutes, and chocolate covered strawberries to be enjoyed during the pampering session.

End the party by passing out shoe related party favors to your guests.