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Know What You’re Getting Before You Get It

When people think of web hosting, they simply think of web hosting as dropping a completed website at a host site and paying the fees. However, they serves many purposes that go beyond just placing a completed website onto a host site. Some services available are shared hosting, reseller sharing, or dedicated hosting. Below you will see a difference between all the ones mentioned.

Shared Hosting- Shared hosting refers to multiple websites that are housed on one server. This in turn makes the company a cheap hosting company because of the numbers of websites that can be placed in one area.

Reseller Hosting- This is when an account holder has extra space on their server and can host sites from third party individuals or companies. This kind of hosting is rare, but it is available should you find your website in this particular position.

Dedicated Hosting- Dedicated hosting is designed for those individuals’ websites that have high bandwidth and needs constant updating. A dedicated hoster is not shared with anyone under any circumstances. These are often more expensive than shared hosting because they command their own space on the server and much maintenance is required on a host site such as that.

Being educated on the hosting is important. It is important to know what kind of website you have and know how much money you will be able to save in the long run. Because of this you must find the best web host company available to the needs of the site.