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Tips to Host a Cheap Baby Shower

Are you hosting a baby shower and worried about not being able to afford it? There are many ways that you can cut costs for the party and have a cheap baby shower for your guests. Parties don’t always have to be budget breaking there are many ways that you can save money on showers and parties.

To save money, make the time for the party during the day between lunch and dinner. This way you won’t have to feed them a meal and instead feed your guests, you can feed finger foods that will be inexpensive to make and will fill your guests for the party. Make your own party platters with fresh vegetables and dip, some chips, pretzels and dip will also be great and inexpensive for your party.

To save even more money, make your own invitations and baby shower favors for the party. While it may take you a little time to prepare and create them it will save you money that you can use for another part of the party. Making your own invitations is not hard to do, and you can make a variety of designs to send out. These can be related to the theme of your party.

Another way to save money is to look online and find games that you can play and print them from the computer. There are huge selections of games that you can choose from and personalize.You can choose many games and not spend any money except for the ink that you have used to print them off.

To have a great cheap baby shower you can see there are many ways that you can cut costs, and your guests will never know that you had a budget baby shower, it will never look like it was inexpensive.