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Good Hosting Causes Less Headaches

Choosing who you are going to use as a host for your website is a very important question. The success of any traffic generated relies heavily on the company that hosts your website. If your host spreads their resources too thinly then they are doing you a major disservice.

The best hosting solution will obviously consist of a server with an extremely fast processor and heaps of ram that will keep whirring along under even the toughest strain. However, these types of accounts come at a price and in the beginning it might not be feasible to go with this option.

Using a shared host (where many websites are hosted on the same server) is what is most commonly used when starting out in website development. However there are a few things to consider when going with this (admittedly common and practical) route. The first is to choose a host that is Digg Proof. There are several hosts that have been shown to be Digg proof. MediaTemple, GoDaddy, A2hosting and WebFaction are among these hosts that have been shown to be immune to the Digg Effect. Of course, their effectiveness in dealing with the Digg effect will rely on how many users are sharing your server and the total strain on those servers. The fact that these hosts have particularly power servers is in their favor however.

You must be asking yourself what the Digg Effect is… and you would be forgiven for not having noticed it as a casual surfer. The Digg Effect is both the worst nightmare and the biggest hope of anyone who owns a website. Imagine the scenario – your website is found out by someone who likes a particular article you have written and is bookmarked, or “Dugg” so to speak. As the article is viewed more and more it rises in popularity until you have an audience of a few million registered users (not to mention a few extra million casual Digg viewers) who might go to your website in flurry that you could not have ever expected. The load on the server is to high that it shuts down and you are no longer online – success albeit at a great price.

There are other things to consider when looking at the various hosting options available. What software you want to use on your website will determine your host as much as price and server power. It would be a waste of money going with a host that only offers Linux servers if the website is being coded on a platform that is Windows specific. Likewise, it would difficult to use WordPress (one of the most popular blog architectures around) when the host you want only uses Windows Server.

The intricacies of choosing a good hosting service will become more apparent the more you look, but if you keep these few things in mind while looking – you are already on your way to starting a relationship with a good, reliable and affordable hosting solution.