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The Poor College Girls’ Guide to Getting the Best Deals

College is hard. You’ve left the security of home to settle for a very small room in the college dormitory or an apartment, doing chores like cooking and doing the laundry by yourself, and living on very meager budget. All the while struggling to balance time with classes and research papers on top of everything else.

What’s a harder challenge than that? College students will never be able to sustain a full time job, since they even have very little hours for a part-time job to at least get some cash flow, so its harder to find income while you’re studying.

Though we’d like to think that as we go to college, we gain a greater kind of independence. But because of a lot of constraints, mostly of it is financial, we sometimes we resort to getting help from everyone and anyone willing to dole out a bit of support. Parents become emergency cash lenders, A friend’s room turns into a place to sleep and eat, and the monthly college budget just tightens and tightens.

There are a lot of ways that you can throw all that good money. There’s that very frequent tendency to order a latte at the nearest coffee shop, eating out for lunch everyday, shopping when it’s really not at all necessary, and going out with your friends at every chance you get. But at the same time, there is a way to overcome that and stick close with your money without feeling that you’ve sold yourself short. You can simply be aware of the ideas behind spending within your means.

For a poor college girl, it’s even more pressing and every month the budget tightens like nobody’s business… What’s a poor college girl to do then?

One of the ways to save is to be always on the lookout for good discount coupons. Sticking to the budget gets more difficult and we have to simply start relying on a lot of money saving ideas like this. There’s a lot of discount coupon offers there and one site I recommend is

Because saving money can be as difficult as nothing else, and anybody can attest to that. Before you go ahead with grocery or shopping purchases, go to the site and check if there’s any coupons of interest or of use to you. You’ll be able to find a whole lot of special deals and discount coupons for a lot of stores, and take a good look at the expiration dates of those coupon codes, because even if you might not need them now, a lot can be set aside and used sometime later.

Review your grocery list and coupons so you will be able to resist the evils of “Impulse Buying” because that’s a serious budget-killer!

Finally, as much as possible take note on shops that have promo areas or supermarkets that have discount days, this is a sure winner for your grocery items. It’s astounding how you double your savings by doing this.

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