Marvin Marvin

How to Pick a Web Hosting Company For Your Business?

There are so many horror stories with hosting companies. Every since the technology got cheap to rent a server, hosting has become a saturated market. The market of a million hosting companies offering almost similar service a website owner might get confused how to pick one over the other.

So here is a short guide on how to pick a hosting company.

1. Phone number

When your website is down or having access issues you want to get a hold of someone immediately! I have gravely paid for this mistake. One of the first companies I went with had only a ticket system. When my website went down it took them 4 days before they responded to my issue. 

You want someone that you can talk to over the phone in regards all your application need. Before you buy your hosting package, make sure that they have a  1-800 or contact number. Next call the contact to ensure that someone does exist on the other end of the number. You would be surprised how many companies just have fake numbers.

2. Price

The hosting industry is in an all out price war. Every company is offering lower prices then the guy next door. How do you choose then? Reliability. Competing a business based on price is not competition, its a bad business move. So you want to choose a company that has positive reviews. A neat way to do that  is go to Google and search “Hosting company review” or “hosting company rating”. Google will help you find 1000’s of un-bias opinions of any hosting company. Read the user comments and feedback.