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Is Free Web Hosting Really Free?

If you have heard of free web hosting, did you ask yourself before whether is it real or not? The answer is yes. There are many types of provider out there and free web hosting plans really do exist. There are people who like to sign up with paid hosting and thee are some who would choose free web hosting service. Therefore, you can have a website of your own without having to pay a penny. On the contrary, a free web hosting could actually cost you a lot.

The cost that we are mentioning here is the cost of having different advertisement appearing in your free website. These ads appear on the top, bottom and side. This is considered as a requirement for you to have a free website service. These ads can be disturbing and scary because they will be pop up ads, banners and eventually scares the visitors that come to your website. Therefore, you lose credibility and this means that less and less people will visit your site. Free web hosting plans also has limitations on the support that they can provide. The reason is because it is free, the providers don’t really have the responsibility to take care of your website.

Although free hosting may sound bad so far, it is not entirely out of the picture. By doing a good research, you will find reliable providers. No matter how good that provider is, you will still have to face all the limitations that the free hosting possesses. You will have face with problems such as a slow website and a lot of downtime for your website. Therefore, if the purpose of your website is for a business, a free web hosting is strongly unrecompensed.

Like what we mentioned, a free web hosting really has many limitations. Although you might find reliable service out there, I’m pretty sure that the free web service is not able to provide you enough resource to have a successful online business. There is some free web service that does not require or force you to have advertisements in your website. However, you must be able to look for it and it is not easy to find such provider. But if you are lucky, you might find it and these types of companies do provide you with minimal bandwidth and a simple control panel. In time, when you make a substantial income, it would be wise to move to a paid hosting.

As a conclusion, free web hosting is not really free if you look at it deeply. The providers will have to pay for their server and bandwidth and there is definitely a cost involved there. You exchange your website’s credibility for free service with irrelevant ads appearing constantly. Looking it at a different angle, at least you don’t have to fork out any money to have a presence in the internet.