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Identity Theft Protection – Is it Necessary?

Identity theft protection is a growing concern today that affects almost 10 million Americans. It has become a matter of “when” not “if”. Chances are it will happen to you! There have been cases reported of id theft from children under the age of two, as well as senior citizens. No one is immune, just ask federal reserve chairman Ben Bernanke. Last year his wife’s purse was stolen and someone attempted to use checks and other stolen identities as well.

It only takes minutes for someone to steal your personal information. However, some of the possible consequences could take years to repair. It’s not just your money at stake, its your medical records, and even your ability to get a job.

Unfortunately, there are many areas where we leave ourselves vulnerable. Examples of these areas are the following:

Too much information on social networking sites

Leaving your mail uncollected for days

Giving out information without verifying who you’re really speaking with

And these are only SOME of the areas you need to pay attention to.

In order to protect yourself from identity theft, simple changes in your habits may be necessary. For example:

Consider using the latest anti virus protection ( Viruses are one of the ways that your information can be stolen)

Delete suspicious emails

Avoid opening attachments even if they are from familiar sources

Limit personal information you include in your social networking website profiles

Learn about your options. Most banks and credit card companies will share with you information on how you can protect yourself. Some insurance companies also allow you to add on to an existing policy you already have. If you are not able to add onto your insurance policy or if you want additional protection there are monitoring services available.