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Managed Blog Hosting – Pros and Cons

Managed blog hosting is a special type of web hosting where the provider takes care of installation, customization and upgrading of blogging scripts. If you purchase a managed hosting account, you don’t have to worry about any of the technical aspects of maintaining your blog. Your hosting company will take care of all of these. Normally, managed blog hosting doesn’t cost much. It is only marginally costly when compared to normal hosting accounts.

The main advantage of managed hosting is that it relieves you of the technical aspects of maintaining the blog. Most blogging software available today are relatively easy to install and customize, provided you are adept with computers. However, in some cases, they can be very difficult to configure. All of this takes precious time which can be better invested in creating better content. After all, content is king and the major criteria for the success of your blog.

Managed blog hosting providers employ system administrators who are very skilled with script installation services. From security point of view, it is very important to upgrade your installed blogging software to the latest version as soon as possible. With managed blog hosting, you don’t have to worry about upgrading your script manually. Your hosting company will take care of it.

The only minus point of managed hosting is that it is a little costly. Usually, managed blog hosting services cost anywhere from $15-$20 per month. And you may have to pay extra for other services which are not included. For instance, custom blog layouts may not be included in the service. However, managed hosting is very advantageous because it frees your time which can be invested in content creation. Your blogging efforts will be more fruitful when there is someone to take care of the technicalities of maintaining your blog.

Before choosing a managed hosting provider, it is advisable to read reviews and do your homework thoroughly. The same rules that apply to ordinary web hosting also apply to managed hosting. You can start by visiting web hosting related forums and posting inquiries about managed hosting solution providers.