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Ideas to Mail Your Wedding Invitations in Creative Envelope Alternatives

Many couples are getting creative, not only with their wedding location, but with their wedding invitations. The emergence of various themed weddings has led to invitations that think outside of the envelope.

Weddings on the Beach

Whether you’re planning a destination wedding on a tropical island or live near a beach and plan to have your ceremony on the sand, this trend can inspire several envelope alternatives for housing your wedding invitations. Keep in mind that most of these invitations will need to be sent in boxes, which means increased postage and a greater possibility of damage during shipping. If it’s in your budget, however, the result is well worth the effort and expense.

For instance, you could house your invitation in a conch shell, or similarly shaped shell to signal to guests a beach wedding. You could also attach your invitation to a piece of coral or decorative drift wood via fishing twine or hemp rope and a decorative punch in the top corner of the invitation. You could also roll your invitation like a scroll, tie a piece of hemp rope around it with a sea shell charm attached and then insert it into a bottle with some sand, as a message in a bottle.

Outdoor Weddings

Since many weddings are planned during warmer months, outdoor weddings have also risen in popularity. If you are planning your reception at a local vineyard, for example, you could consider pairing your wedding invitation with a small bottle of wine from that vineyard (you can probably get a discount for hosting your wedding there) and mailing them in small wooden boxes that emulate wine crates.

If you are hosting your special day in an outdoor setting full of flowers and plants, perhaps even at a botanical garden, you could place your wedding invitation in a small pot filled with dried moss or even silk flower petals to signify a garden wedding. Or perhaps you could send a stamped rock with the date of your wedding as an alternative save the date announcement.

City Weddings

If you are planning a modern wedding in a metropolitan area, you might consider incorporating an element from your location into your invitation package. If you have a favorite building in the city, you could have a black and white photo transformed into the wrapping for an invitation box, so that when guests open their wedding invitation, they are immediately faced with your favorite cityscape. If your city is famous for a certain area or type of food, such as San Francisco or New York City is known for Chinatown, you could have your wedding invitations encased in a decorative or silk version of a Chinese take-out box.

As long as you tie in a distinct element of your wedding with your invitation holders, your guests will marvel at your creativity, be excited to attend your special event, and you will have a unique keepsake to cherish for many years.