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The Unlimited Mysteries of Web Hosting

I am a newcomer to the web hosting trade, and I couldn’t help noticing the number of features offered in “unlimited” amounts– kind of puzzling to me. What does this really mean “unlimited disk space”, “unlimited bandwidth” and host “unlimited websites on one account?” I did some investigating, looking up forums of the past and present, trying to discern the true nature of those offers. Is it even possible to have unlimited disc space bandwidth, or websites on one account? I can envision a giant game of musical chairs, with all the web site wannabes trying to get the last place with the unlimited bandwidth. Don’t you just suppose that new web hosting companies would spring up, trying to avoid those ugly scenes? What if a company wants to avoid using the “unlimited” ploy in its advertising? A customer might think that he is not getting as good of a deal with that company and actually sign up with a weaker competitor. Is there a better way to make a decision?

I could easily look up some customers evaluations on line: some are sure to be realistic and honest. I can make sure the company I want really does have 99.9% up time, and top quality customer service. I need a good quality site builder, hopefully free, and a c panel control panel. Of course there has to be a money back guarantee, at least 30 days, in case I change my mind. Does the cost of the different plans meet my needs– do I need a plan suitable for e commerce?

I can choose three or four different companies and lay them side by side – the host with the most of what I truly need. Some companies have well developed educational information or software that they give you, like a gift, like your birthday. There are some great helpful websites with reviews, and You Tube has quite a few video testimonials that might be helpful. I guess I will just have to take the plunge and take a chance. If it turns out especially good or bad, I can write a review too. As far as unlimited disk space, most customers are going to use less that the unlimited amount for sure, and for bandwidth too.

Some people do host many sites with one account, for cost and convenience of having their sites in one place and saving time. It has been suggested that if that much space is needed, maybe a reseller account would be a good idea, and any extra space could be leased out. I’d be lucky to have a site take up 5 or 6 pages. I hope this has been helpful, as far as clarifying some issues with web hosting, and that you make a great decision for yourself. If you have a nice and productive experience, share it with others.