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Most Common Shared Hosting Problems

Shared hosting is gaining a lot of attention to customer since it is cheaper than dedicated hosting with a lot of unlimited features included in its package. It is the more preferred type of hosting for today’s internet users because of quick help from technical staff when problems occur. However shared hosting is great only for personal web sites, social networking and blog making but if you are handling business that you own a number of websites, shared hosting will pose some hindrances to make more profits on line. Here are the most common shared hosting problems that you may encounter:

1. Many users are sharing with one server only and you only have very limited resources to use in your website. You will find out that if the other sites will be using the server’s resources it may be damaging on your end. The system can also fail at any point in time.

2. Increased hacking risks and poor security features because of multiple users of the main server.

3. Do not be so overwhelmed so much on the unlimited features of this hosting like unlimited bandwidth. Bandwidth refers to the amount of data or files you can upload or download in a given time usually in a month. Since this is shared hosting, your bandwidth allocation is also shared with the rest of the websites being hosted. As a result if all sites are using the server you will tend to have marginalized or limited bandwidth to use. If this happen your website is not functioning properly and so your business will be affected.

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, while it can do great job for small personal sites but if you consider making more money it’s not appropriate for you or else you will really experience one or two of these most common hosting problems in the future.