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Business Continuity Program – First 12 Steps to Starting a Membership Website

A membership website is not the only business continuity program option, but it is one of the best. Here are the basic steps to building a membership website continuity program assuming that you are starting from scratch. If you already have completed some of the steps in other areas of your business just skip ahead to the next step.


You may think this step seems redundant if the membership website is for your existing company but make sure to choose a niche within your entire category of business that is not only something the company specializes in but also serves a niche that is constantly evolving and requires regular maintenance to stay on top of it. That way you will never lack new material, and your clients will remain members of the website for a longer period of time.


Your keywords are very important for any online marketing that you do. If you have a blog, participate in article marketing, or pay per click advertisements you will need to have solid keywords to make them effective. You also want to optimize your website with appropriate keywords so that as your site increases in page rank, it will appear on Google search engine results for relative keywords.


You need someplace to send your prospects to and it should be separate from your main brochure website (if you have one) and your membership website (once you get one). I purchase my domains at name cheap. It lives up to the name.


There are lots available, personally I like Aweber.


Again, tons of options, if your not sure who to use try out hostgator they are inexpensive and reliable.


Don’t try to do anything else on your squeeze page but to motivate people to enter their contact information.


Utilize any combination of blogs, article marketing, e-mail blasts, pay per click, and trade magazine advertisements and/or Ezine advertisements. I have used many of these. So far trade magazines and article marketing are my preferred methods.


Send them valuable relevant information, and ask them what they are looking for, utilizing the auto responder.




Most strategies should have an audio and text tutorial. Depending on the material a video of your computer screen, recorded webinar or video of you teaching the material may also be appropriate. If you have the resources include an online course these can also be very valuable for teaching the basics when you first start a membership program.


Now that you have the first steps to creating a membership website business continuity program get started creating your own today.