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Can My Podcast Yield Me Money?

It is a good thing you asked this all important question. Every podcaster should have a project plan. The sole aim of podcasting should be to maximize profit in as much as you are meeting the needs of your target audience. Without this objective podcasting would just be a dreary exercise with nothing to look forward to.

Podcasting should form the integral part of your online marketing plan. Podcasting should not only be an avenue for you to record and sell as if you are a tape recorder, it should also be an avenue for you to sell yourself, your abilities, your skills, your products and services.

Below are some techniques I think you should exploit in using podcasting as a marketing tool.

You could sell your products; At the back of your mind the most paramount thing should be selling your products but if that’s the only thing contained in your podcast it would be very boring and will sound monotonous. So a more strategic approach to help you sell your product would be to spice up the podcast content. You could include a wide range of topics suitable for every body. You could talk about Health, music, sport, politics, academics etc but you don’t forget to include advert breaks through which you will advertise your products which would still get to the target audience.

Another thing you could sell is your service. As a service provider, podcast offers you an avenue to exhibit your wealth of knowledge on the service you are providing. Doing a podcast which will include seminars, interviews and talk shows which is aimed at educating the audience and portraying you as a one stop solution to all their problems as it relates to the service you are providing, will make them contact your whenever they have a need for that service.

You can promote a good product. After you must have strived to make a good name for yourself in the art of podcasting, people will get to see you as a consultant. In other words, a particular brand is good if you say it is good and bad if you say so. So as a good podcaster you can get commission by promoting a good product.As enticing as the commission may look, you should never promote a product you don’t trust because if it is eventually found that you were wrong, you would have succeeded in crashing the image you have so painstakingly built.

Finally you could sell advert spaces; companies or service providers who are looking for an opportunity to advertise to a large audience can pay you for advert spaces. But you must be able to enrich your podcast content so well that it attracts a lot of audience, so that whoever is paying you for advert space is doing it hoping that a lot of people are listening to his adverts

These are just a few of the many ways you can make money through podcasting but you must understand that the money wont come if you don’t have an audience, so you must intensify your promotional efforts.