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Transferring Your Website to a Dedicated Server Part 2

Depending on the program or utility you normally use to amend your website, you can upload all the files.

If you are using Frontpage you will need to construct a new Web using the files you imported from your old web server and publish them to the new dedicated server. You must make sure that you have installed the Frontpage extensions on your new web host in advance so that it can “read” the data when you complete the transfer.

For users with Dreamweaver, you must begin by defining your site. Next, you use the PUT command to transfer all of your files and html pages. This is the guarantee that your entire website will remain undamaged and together once the transfer is complete.

It you have a favorite FTP utility, the process is relatively simple, as long as you were certain you saved the most current version of all your website files on your computer. (You may lose data if you did not do that before you transferred your domain.) Using the FTP login information for your new web server, set up your new site and then copy all the files you saved to the new site. Hopefully you are using an FTP utility such as WS FTP that allows you to transfer folders. Otherwise you may end up having to transfer each file individually, which can be time consuming.

Look for Needed Updates

Once all the files have been transferred to the new server, take a look at the live website. Does it look the same as our old site? If not, it could be due to the fact that some of the files or html code did not transfer correctly. You may need to spend a little time making some amendments by adding or removing sections of code so that everything in your website is in order. These glitches seem to happen more frequently with the website editors, such as Frontpage and Dreamweaver.

Once the domain and all your files have been transferred and your website is live on your new dedicated server, it is imperative that you test every service and every link on your site to make sure they are functioning correctly. When you are certain that everything is perfect, than you are free to cancel all the services you had with your old web host.