Consequences of Budget Hosting

There are many hosting companies that are vying to get your business. They may offer very competitive rates to entice you to choose their service. Some offer $12 a year or less. The idea of getting your site hosted for this low price could make some people jump at the chance. However, before choosing a hosting company, you should be aware of a few things that may make you regret the decision to choose one of these companies.

Some sites have very little, if any customer support.

When you are experiencing a problem with your hosting company the last thing you want to hear is there is not a 24 hour support system. If you work at home and like to do a majority of your work in the early morning hours or late at night, when you have a problem, you need help right then – not during regular business hours which may not even be on the same time zone as you are.

Budget hosting companies are normally run by an individual.

Because this service is an individual who sells space on the server they use, their expertise when it comes to technical support is not on the same level as a large company. A service that is provided for $12 a year is not going to have the support services of a large company because they cannot afford to offer this service.

When it comes to being able to transfer data you may find the amount you have allotted to you is not nearly enough.

The hosting companies often have extra fees for going over your allotted amount and in this case, you are not saving money. The amount can cost much more than going with a company that will give you more to start. If the features you need are going to cost extra you may end up paying more money for the combination of the services than had you paid a little more for the service that provides these features at no extra cost.

Another consideration is budget companies often put as many sites as they can possibly squeeze onto a server.

This is so they can make as much money as possible. When they do this, the site will run very slowly and will have problems because it is overcrowded. Larger hosting companies limit the number of sites that can be on one server to prevent this problem. There are also budget hosting companies that do this as well.

A way of making up for charging the low monthly fee is by charging a set-up fee.

When this is added into the monthly fee being charged you may end up paying more than you would be charged by a larger company that does not charge a set-up fee. So in effect, you are not saving money at all.

What if you need free shopping carts, PHP, or applications that are not supplied on a budget site?

Look at the features provided by the budget site and those on a regular hosting company. Which one has the most features you will need for your site? Do you know how to set up your site? If not, you are going to need support and if the host does not provide this feature, where are you going to find out how to do the set-up and maintenance your site will require?

Is the host you are considering reputable?

As with any business, there are companies that are not reputable. They open long enough to make a huge profit from the people who join and then they are gone. Many of these fly-by-night operations charge a years hosting in advance. To ensure the company that you are considering is above board, do some checking and see if they have been reported to the Better Business Bureau or if there have been complaints lodged against them. The internet is a great place to check for scams and complaints against companies that have not delivered what they promise to deliver.

No matter what you decide when it comes to the hosting company you choose, make sure they have exactly what you need. There is no need to pay for services you are not going to use. On the other hand, if you need certain services, you should be able to get them for an affordable price. The company you choose should have the best services for the best price and have a proven record of doing what they say they will do.