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Certified Green – What Does It Mean?

Many organizations claim that they can “make you a certified green business” The problem with this statement is that most of these companies really do not have the experience, knowledge or processes to get your business to the necessary standards. Many companies will give you a green certified certification without ever really helping you find green opportunities and finding the value of having a green business. This type of “buying a green certificate” is call green washing.

It is important to find an organization that is committed to helping small and medium-sized businesses become green certified. Find a company that has the experience and understanding to help your business become more sustainable and achieve the financial and marketing benefits of going green.

Getting your green certification is a process that ensures you achieve your goals. You need to work to identify specific goals your business can work towards to become certified green. Get a set of initiatives that have been specifically designed with your business and it’s bottom-line in mind.

If you decide to pursue your green certificate, your employees and customers all want to do their part for their environment and to top it off, work for and with companies that are doing the same. By becoming certified green, you’re retaining employees, gaining new customers and helping the environment – all critical to your success.

Let’s face it, we all know that we can do more for the environment right now. More and more consumers want to know that their product and service choices are sustainable. So by becoming

you will be doing two major things: helping the environment and improving your business.