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I’m Ready to Explode! Cheap Hosting Up’s and Downs Revealed

So you are finally deciding to venture out of the free website or blog portal and travel towards a free hosted domain. So seeing that you might be a bit short on cash I’m gonna try and focus on the advantages and disadvantages available to you when hosting is concerned. But before getting yourself a cheap host you need to know the ups and down to what you are letting yourself into. Here are some of the basic advantages and disadvantages of free website hosting packages.

Firstly a cheap hosting package offer a very little storage space… anything from 100MB – 1Gig, so depending on your site structure and size that could be a problem, but not really if your site is pretty basic and simple. Now then there is the bandwidth thats at about one or two gig a month which for a basic site would be perfect… You also get a whole bunch of email addresses ranging from 10 to 20. Also some sites offer free website templates so you an get started straight away without any programming or designing knowledge.

However there are also a fair bit of disadvantages involved with free web hosting. Like the fact that you won’t be able to use your own domain name and you’ll be stuck with a sub domain. The main thing is the space factor seeing that each person is allocated a very low amount of space and it’s also not easy uploading files. This seriously effects your online business flexibility and sustainability…

So those are the advantages and disadvantage of free web hosting. Make sure to think it through before getting too involved..

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