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Cheap Web Hosting Solution – How to Find a Real Winner

If you want to find out how you can discover cheap web hosting solutions real fast and what to look for when selecting one, then this article is for you. Read on to discover the most important traits to look for when choosing a cheap web hosting solution and what are the top five dreaded conditions any webmaster would want to a avoid when choosing a web host.


The most important criteria when choosing a cheap web hosting solution is the integrity of the company you are doing business with. You can always test the character of the force that stands behind a particular web hosting company by asking for a refund for your purchase. Now this may sound unethical but it is a great way to discover if they would keep up with their promises and deliver you the money you paid for the free trial period.

Good reliable web hosting companies are not at all reluctant to refund your purchase with a courteous thank you.


The second thing to note is the amount of bandwidth they provide. Even if the price is relatively low, if they don’t give you the bandwidth you want and any additional traffic would mean more money, then this is not a good solution. If you have a high traffic site then you could be losing money every month from lack of bandwidth. This is especially true if you provide free downloads for your visitors too. This would mean more cost which can be avoided if you were to choose a company that offers unlimited bandwidth during the length of your stay.


Is the plan expandable? Can you upgrade to a large size space without having to tear down your site. This is one good indicator of a well managed web hosting company. A good web host understands that everyone needs to start small but should be ready for future expansion when the need arises.

Back Up

It would be good of the web hosting company to provide free backup for every file you upload to the server. In this case whenever your site is under attack from amicus threats, your hosting company can come to the rescue and deliver immediate backup of those damaged files and your site will be up running in no time at all.


Don’t get a hosting company that takes more than a day to answer your support call. This is really unprofessional and can cause you to lose money from the loss of visitors. Inaccessible sites mean loss of profits. The good hosting companies give you an answer to your problems within 24 hours, and even have a toll-free number you can call in to address your problems with the right department. The “great” ones even offer 24/7 support chat right on their site.

Choosing a cheap web hosting solution is crucial to ensure you get the right online experience for your business, blog, or personal web site.