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Hosting a Teleseminar

Teleseminars or teleconferences are basically when a certain group of people would be calling a particular phone number at a given time and then listen to an interview being done with somebody. It could also be held through an interactive format, with participants equipped with the ability of talking freely with each other or with the guest and host.

Though teleseminars are not new in the market, the idea of conducting telephone meetings has already gone through a great deal of change and evolution through the years. It first started as your simple conference call with employees that are in different long-distance locations. Presently, technology has allowed hosts or presenters to have the ability of including training sessions, Power Point Presentations, marketing and sales presentations, videos and a lot more. For this reason, teleseminars have become very popular as the years passed by. Their popularity is also because of the low costs associated when teleseminars are conducted compared to actual conferences. Teleseminars are particularly practical and useful for those companies, which have sites internationally.

As we move towards the future, teleconferencing would most likely be evolving to video conferencing. Videoconferencing is already being done more widely and would likely be commonplace, particularly with more and more people who are becoming interested on the idea of working at home.

All this great and new technology is just wonderful, however teleseminars could not, would not and should never be replacing the person-to-person meeting or seminar. The telephone could never replace the contacts and relationships, which are personally established through personal meetings. However, teleseminars do give a great way to effectively and inexpensively bring people together.