Two Best Web Hosting Techniques – Dedicated and Reseller

In today’s fast-paced business environment, there are several hosting techniques that are available in the market. You can plan to host your personal or a business website. You need to research to find a suitable Web hosting for your requirement. Based on your research, you can decide on the Web hosting technique that best suits your requirement.

In a dedicated Web hosting the client can lease an entire server which is not shared with others. This type of Web hosting has several benefits when compared with the shared Web hosting technique. This technique is stable and flexible. Also, the client or organization has a full control over the server(s), which includes the operating system, hardware, and others. While there are several differences between the shared hosting and dedicated hosting, in the case of shared hosting the server is shared by many clients.

The dedicated hosting technique is applicable where an organization or a business function expects more traffic, contain sensitive content and secure e-commerce applications. The business organizations are dependent on the dedicated hosting servers. The server administration may be provided as an add-on service by the hosting company. In certain cases a dedicated hosting technique can provide less overhead and a larger return on investment.

The dedicated servers are placed in data centers, similar to collocation facilities. This provides redundant power sources and HVAC systems. But, in many cases the hardware is owned by the provider. The provider may provide support for the operating system or applications. In addition, the hosting company offers various hosting control panels to manage this type of hosting, and billing support.

Most people know the term “resell” refers to the act of reselling again. Reseller Web hosting provides the reseller client to act as a hosting provider for other smaller clients. The reseller client can purchase a sizable Web hosting plan and then resell them to other clients in smaller parts. The clients can be a preexisting client base in another avenue of the World Wide Web, or new clients. In the case of reseller Web hosting a client can resell his allocated space and bandwidth to other their party clients for profit.

The main disadvantage for a reseller hosting is providing the customer support. Ideally, the customer support is handled by the provider. But, the provider delegates the reseller with rights to handle the same.

You should consider your budget and the necessity of your website to arrive at a decision. If you are planning to host a Web site which includes your personnel information, and blog then consider for having a reseller hosting option. This would not require much server resource. Else, if you are assigned to host your company website which has critical information, and expects a heavy traffic then, you can go for a dedicated hosting technique.