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What Criteria Would You Use to Evaluate Managed Hosting Vs Shared Hosting?

Quality website hosting is a key element in operating an effective business website. Locating and implementing the appropriate type of website hosting requires research and evaluation. The two main types website hosting are managed hosting and shared hosting. Determining which hosting is right for a business will depend on the particular criteria that meet a business’ specific needs.

Managed Hosting is when a web host maintains and monitors their dedicated servers, operating system, and supported applications. Businesses or individuals who are lacking a system support staff choose managed hosting. Shared hosting is when the web hosting provider rents web space to a number of users. Internet connectivity, hardware, bandwidth, domain name, and disk space are shared among users so the price is either very inexpensive or free.

When evaluating and determining the best web hosting for your specific needs, it is important to consider the following criteria:

Shared Hosting Criteria

1. Performance: There must be strong and reliable internet connectivity. Advanced testing will determine the reliability of the connection. Failing to connect to your site will result in low traffic and low conversion rates. There are online network tools that can monitor a site hosting provider’s performance. You need a host that can provide very minimum downtime. Ask about the number of SQL databases, pre-installed CMS, and shopping cart / merchant services.

2. Scripts: You need to make sure that the website scripts are compatible with your computer system. Some scripts are compatible with Linux OS and others only compatible for Windows OS. It is vital that you make sure the web host supports the scripting language that you will be using

3. Disk Space and Traffic: You need to know if the website host has the amount of disk space that you will require to meet your site traffic requirements. You should also know how much bandwidth you will need.

4. Email Accounts: Make sure the web host site can provide the number of email accounts that you will need.

5. Host Support: It is important that you have 24/7 technical support. Some shared providers may have a support system that may not have a fast response time. Ask how fast and easy it is to reach technical support.

Managed Hosting Criteria

1. Infrastructure: Check the quality of hosting provider’s technology. They should have the most current technology that supports the latest applications. Check to see if there is a backup of remote data, security monitoring, and effective IT services. Ask about the number of SQL databases, pre-installed CMS, and shopping cart / merchant services.

2. Connectivity: Internet connections should be successful over 98% of the time. As with shared hosting, quality site performance is essential.

3. Hosting Packages: Make sure that your hosting package contains all of the features that you will need for your business. Being able to upgrade to a better package in the future is an essential requirement as your business grows.

4. Host Support: It is important that you have 24/7 technical support

The right web hosting is essential to running a successful website. It is essential that you keep your business needs in mind when selecting a web hosting provider. Make sure that you are acquiring everything that you need to operate an effective and efficient site. It is important to have a set of criteria in mind when evaluating managed hosting and shared hosting so that you can select the right hosting that will fulfill all of your business needs.