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Reseller Hosting – The Cheapest Way to Start Your Own Hosting Provider

Web hosting is a big business, and nowadays you don’t have to be a millionaire to start your own hosting company. For you interested on establishing your own hosting company there is an easy and cheaper way that is by using reseller hosting. Reseller hosting is just like what its name, you buy a reseller hosting plan and you will be given disk space and bandwidth that you can use to host third party websites.  

Besides disk space and bandwidth, you will be also provided with customizable control panel usually cPanel if you buy the Linux reseller plan because it is customizable you can add your own branding to the control panel like your own company logo and company name so when your customers log into their control panel they will see your company’s name and logo on it this will give a more professional look.

In reseller hosting usually you don’t need to worry about server maintenance, so extensive knowledge of web hosting technicalities is not needed. All of the server and network maintenance are handled by the service provider all you need to do is giving service to your customers. If there are any problem regarding network connection and software problem, these problems are usually forwarded to the service provider.  

In order to be a successful reseller, you have to put a huge effort on advertising your service because you will be faced with a lot of competition so your skill and effort in advertising to let people know about your service and interested on becoming your customers are the key to your success.