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Advantages of Dedicated Web Hosting

Are you running a successful web business with a monster website of more than a hundred pages and thousands of hits a day? If so, it is time to revisit your web hosting plan and see if you can come away from the traditional shared hosting offers. The bigger and more successful your website, the larger is going to be your demand on your shared web hosting service provider.

A good web hosting solution is an essential investment for any business and there are no readymade solutions which can suit all websites. But in my opinion it is for sure the best option for your behemoth sized website to have a dedicated server for your hosting needs. A dedicated web hosting plan is kind of like renting your own office space instead of sharing an office area with a number of other businesses. Just like in the real world, sharing an office space with several other businesses can only lead to chaos and confusion not counting the financial losses, the virtual world is not so different. Also, dedicated web hosting plan would not only safeguard you from unnecessary and troublesome downtime but would also provide much needed security for your website.

For a big business, dedicated hosting provides the perfect bouquet of services which can help you continue with your business without much hassle. The dedicated server itself is the physical piece of hardware that your hosting provider rents to you along with built in and your very own processor, hard drives, RAM and bandwidth capability. The on-location technical support is an added bonus.

With your own personal server working only for your website, you never have to think about the server overloading due to over capacity utilization of the server by too many websites and their scripts and other applications affecting your website’s performance. Not to mention the benefits of the extra uptime you will get when compared to a shared server.

Dedicated web hosting plans gives you the freedom from not owning and maintaining the required equipment as hardware replacement is covered by the hosting provider. Dedicated servers allow for powerful and unlimited customization capability. So if, for example, your website is used for gaming a dedicated server additionally allow other users with access to connect to your dedicated hosting server and use those same programs at the same time you do.

Therefore, if your website justifies the cost of the dedicated server and you have the technical capability to handle it – a dedicated web hosting plan is a must for you.