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Why You Need Hosting Plan With Free Domain Name?

The selection of web hosting provider plays an important role in your website success. Except for web hosting, another important component of online presence is domain name. With the fierce competition of web hosting industry, there are many providers who offering free domain name with each of their hosting plan to attract more new sign up. It is advisable to sign up with such kind of hosting and get a free domain name for life. A domain name could cost you about $10 a year, why not? Many people may think that it is hard to have full control in the future, for example, you may want to change your hosting provider. My answer to this is: if you are offered with free domain name for life, these worries is not necessary. Reasons are as followings:

Firstly, if you want to change your web host, take it easy. Your domain name will not be tied up with your hosting company. Even you have signed up with the company who turn out to be unsatisfying; you could transfer your domain name out to another provider. Let is to say, after you purchasing this kind of hosting, you are offered with free domain name, which is given to you with total control. You should have full control over the domain name. It is your decision whether to transfer it to another host or not.

Secondly, a domain name is your unique identity of online presence. It can become a very valuable brand. In the future, you can even sell it. Therefore, even though you are provided with free domain name, make sure you are not register for any domain name without any meaning. Make sure you choose a domain name that is agree with your business. To choose a good domain name, make sure you contain your primary keyword in it, keep it as easy as possible, avoid trade mark and finally if possible choose a dot come domain. It’s what most people think of when they are typing in a domain name. Though,.net extensions are also acceptable, they are not as common

How to enjoy the benefits of web hosting with free domain name? Go to

and sign up a package with them. Once the purchase has been completed, a server account along with free domain name will be under your control. Except for domain name, the advantages of being hosted with hostease are obvious. Plenty of web space, data transfer, various kinds of website features, email features, network protection are offered together with any solution. You are allowed to host unlimited domain when you sign up with basic and business plan.