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What to Look for in Web Hosting

Once you have those wonderful web pages finished and your domain name registered, your next step is to get them hosted. There’s a good chance the registration site will also offer a hosting service, as most do these days. Just be sure the hosting service you get meets your needs. Choosing the right web hosting service depends on your budget and the performance issues you expect. Having your own dedicated server and network is the best but going into co-location or a shared hosting service can be just as great if the service provider does it right. Here are some things to consider when choosing a web hosting Service Company.

Guaranteed Systems Availability

Nothing can be more unnerving both to the webmaster and the target internet markets than to have your website unavailable for some times or gets painfully slow trying to reach. Look for service quality guarantees in the area of network availability and traffic support. A good web hosting company provides a money-back guarantee or discounts for service lapses. Find another if it doesn’t.

High systems availability ensures that your website is up most of the time. While a high traffic support ensures your internet audience gets to your site fast. A guaranteed 99% uptime is typical and that means your site will be down for 87.6 hours in a year. The higher percentage is better but you can expect to pay more after that. A web hosting company promising 100% uptime is spurious as 100% is impossible. Bear in mind that demanding corporate systems availability hovers just in the 99.8% region.

High traffic support in the gigabit per second range is now common and you would need that if you expect a large number of visits or interactivity in your website, especially if you choose the shared hosting option.

Redundancy and Back-ups

Related to having great systems availability is the issue of redundancy or fail-over back-ups in case of power outages. This is probably transparent to most webmasters but it can boost your confidence to ask and learn if the web hosting company has any system redundancy.

Customer Support

A good web hosting company offers 24/7 technical support with a hotline that works. Test out the number they offer and see if you get connected fast and have a ready customer agent to assist you adequately.

Web Space

Most web hosting companies are offering large disk space for your web pages. Thanks to hard disk space prices going down. So this is no longer an issue to many. But just be sure your web hosting company offers enough space for your requirement today as well as provide reasonable incremental rates for future additional hard disk space you may need.

Price Performance

Rather than just look at the monthly rates, make sure you are getting the best value for the dollar. Very cheap rates can be suspicious at times. The web hosting provider just might leave other essential matters like customer support, network bandwidth and redundancies behind to offer such rates.

Value-added services

A good web hosting company should make like easy for the webmaster. Most actually do by offering automated web page development tools and scripts you can add to your pages to have added function like gallery thumbnailing, visitor tracking, forum support and others.