Check Out an Ix Web Hosting Review

There are many different options to consider in the world of web hosting. There are so many options that some web users are completely lost as to which one to choose. It’s a hard thing to find a good web host these days, specifically because the market is crowded with lots of marketing dollars being thrown hastily. One of the many options you’ll want to look at is Ix web hosting. Before you simply put down your money, make sure you check out an Ix Web hosting review and proceed with one of the best decisions for your web presence.

Ix Web Hosting started in 1999 and has really carved out a niche in the hosting industry. The company doesn’t just offer standard hosting, it redefines it with some of the most attractive rates and plans that all walks of life can take advantage of. Whether you’re looking to start a large scale website, or looking to continue moving through the e-commerce world, you’re going to find that this company has something for everybody.

By reading an honest Ix Web review, you’ll learn that the company has slashed prices and thrown out everything but the kitchen sink in terms of web hosting. Some of the basic features you’ll get when signing up include, Unlimited storage, unlimited transfer, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited email accounts, unlimited MySql databases, free site builder, free domain registration, free instant set up, and an ANYTIME money back guarantee. That’s right, you’ll be able to walk away and get your money back if you have any problems. There aren’t many companies that will give you your money back at anytime, most companies just give you 90 days or 30 days, but this company puts their money where their mouth is, and offers you your money whenever you decided to walk away.

Reading an Ix hosting review before you purchase will keep you focused on getting the best price possible. Right now, you’ll receive a plethora of options for $3.95 a month, and no hidden fees.

1x Hosting has 99.9% uptime, fast server speeds, and several options to help novices get to a better understanding of web hosting and site building. The company offers control panel tutorials to give customers a step-by-step guide on how to use their service. There are also screencast tutorials, knowledge base, and are working on a 7 web hosting mistakes course. These options will keep your site up, and make sure you’re learning at the same time.

There are a lot of web companies promising to deliver on superb customer service and technical prowess. However, none of them seem to get the same kind of enthusiastic reviews that you see when you look at an honest 1x web hosting review. You’ll be surprised with how happy their customer base is, which is a breath of fresh air in a crowded web hosting market. Just look at a few reviews, and you’ll see that they are not puffing themselves up, they are letting their service do the talking, and it’s generating major buzz.