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Does Reading Web Hosting Reviews Online Help?

With the overloading reviews about web hosting companies out there, is it safe to trust them? There are some companies that pay people to write good reviews about them. This enables the writers to make some extra income or commission.

Review writing is a profitable type of income because you can find tons of web hosting reviews if you do a search online. A result of sixty over million results gives you an idea big this review writing is. On the other hand, if you use Google advertising, you will ne to spend $14 or more to obtain a top spot position.

Don’t get me wrong, these reviews out there can still be very useful. They can give you a clear idea on what web hosting companies out there are providing. You can learn about their packages, prices and so on. You won’t be surprise if you get your hands on some discount coupons that reduces your first month payment. In order to get a better picture about a web hosting company, it is advisable to go through 5 – 10 different reviews to see how they compare the web host that you are researching on.

The key is to visit the web hosting website and then begin your search on review sites. Compare the information to see if they match or not. Some reviews might be outdated and the offers that they state in their review might not be available anymore. You should also stop by forums to check on the customer’s feedback. Forums are a good place to look for the quality of service. Try to look for any complaints or compliments on the company that you are interested in. But, if you have a friend that uses that company’s service, it is best to ask them if you trust them.

Reviews are really not that all negative because their aim is to spread the word of their companies to consumers and make money from their effort. The key is to be able to differentiate the good and bad reviews. Use the reviews for your research and you will definitely find the right web hosting for you.