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Cpanel Features

is the web-based web hosting Control Panel which is used for the administration of your website. It has a very user-friendly interface. You don’t need to have any high-end technical knowledge to be able to work with it. It has got a number of great features that are embedded into it. Some of the features, I have listed below:

With your e-mail functions, you can create your e-mail accounts, add, remove your accounts, create and delete an e-mail forwarder, change password of an e-mail account, add an auto responder, block your unwanted e-mails, filter your e-mail against unwanted content, use e-mail filtering to block spam, enable/disable Spam Assassin.

File manager is used to upload and download files to and from your server respectively. With the file manager you can even create/edit and delete a file. Along with these facilities, you can even change permissions (chmod) of a file using the File Manager.

With this, you can redirect a URL, create a subdomain and redirect a subdomain to another page.

In this, a number of features are provided. You can install/uninstall FrontPage Extensions, create a custom error pageview the service status, add a parked domain, create an addon domain, add/delete a FTP account, change the password of a FTP account.

A number of features are provided for security purpose. You can password protect a directory, disable/enable directory browsing, block/unblock an IP address, enable/disable hotlink protection, change the password of your cpanel account.

With database management features you create a mysql database, insert data into your database using phpmyadmin, create/delete a table in mysql using phpmyadmin, import a SQL file into your database using phpmyadmin, backup your mysql database using phpmyadmin

You can generate/download a full backup, download/restore a home backup, backup your MySQL database, create/delete a cron job.