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6 Tools for Beginners Affiliate Marketing

For beginners, this article is instrumental in revealing what is the minimum you really need in the way of services and software to succeed in Affiliate Marketing.

To become successful in making money on-line you need a list. How many times have you heard “The Money is in the List”? This is a very frequent buzz sentence. Well, it is true, you definitely need a list but:

All these are legitimate questions for a beginner Affiliate. I’ll answer them in a few sentences, because “the Mailing List” is not the main topic of this article, but I’ll provide enough info to get you started.

First you need a reason to have a mailing list:

All those are legitimate reasons to have a list.

To create your own mailing list you must have a form in a Website, Newsletter, E-zine, about Me page on eBay, where you collect a name and an email address.

Doing so you will collect emails from people who are interested in what you are doing/selling/advertising. This is what we call a Targeted Subscribers Mailing List. Using this technique you will get repeat customers and this is crucial, with just one sale per customer, you cannot get far enough.

The building of your Mailing List takes time and effort in your part, but building a list must be your first priority. My sincere advice to you is take action, and don’t try to be a perfectionist. You will get there at some point in time, but if you wait for the perfect product to be created, you will never get it! The best way to learn a process is doing it!

If you sell Digital Products you cannot survive without an Instant Delivery Tool. Manual delivery of the download URL is out of question and it will look unprofessional.

Just think: you get in bed at 10 PM, at 11 PM somebody around the globe buys your Digital Product. You will wake up at 7 AM, go to your computer at 8 AM and manually write an email with download URL, this is 9 hours later!

What happened if you have a hot DP to sell and over the night 500 people have bought your product? You will spend the entire day manually sending 500 emails! No way!

The customers love “Instant Delivery” for Digital Products and now

My recommendation is “My Digital Dispatch” (MyDD) because in just 2 weeks they already created a new version MyDD 3.2 able to solve the eBay restriction. They will take the PDF from you, will create a CD or DVD and they will send the physical product to your customers. In eBay eyes you sell a physical product, not an instant delivery product.

MyDD is Digital Product delivery software with rich functionality in addition to just instant DP delivery:

There are other instant delivery software packages but this one is: easy to use, affordable,

And they have excellent custom service.

To use MyDD you must have a host with cPanel with the following components:

3. Hosting with cPanel

We already know that it is a good habit to have a domain for each Digital Product you sell and, therefore, you need a host for your squeeze and selling pages.

The best host is one which has cPanel with the components I lay out for MyDD plus Fantastico.

The perfect host is HostGator, because it has Fantastico as well and all other features you need for MyDD. (Fantastico is a Utility Program which the host must buy separately, and the majority of hosts don’t do it). Fantastico will help you to install WordPress, the very popular blog content management system, the easiest way.

An Autoresponder is an easy way to set up email campaigns, it is also a service you need for the automation of the process. Most marketers including me will recommend aWeber. They have excellent services and the System will do a lot of work on your behalf.

This is what aWeber can do for you:

You also can use: GetResponse, ProSender, ProAutoresponders (actually this is a Site which offers information about Auto Responders). Whatever you decide to use you must be sure that they have unlimited campaign and follow-up messages.

You need a friendly HTML editor. Actually it is mandatory to have one because as an affiliate you have to edit Web pages, Sales pages and modify them.

My advice is to learn HTML, or at list you need to understand it.

I can’t emphasize enough how easy HTML really is!

If you go to Google and do a research on – FREE HTML Editor, you might find an endless list.

I recommend a FREE WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor called NVU,

, they have a paid version, but the free version is all you need.

This is not just a tool, Web 2.0 is considered the new generation of websites and you can use it to replace PPC with FREE Traffic.

We can divide The Web 2.0 sites in these categories: