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Personal Web Page Hosting Services

Personal Web Page Hosting is a way of providing home to your Website on Web servers, which are stored in a secure and controlled environment permanently connected to the Internet so that other people on the internet can view and browse your web site.

If you want to participate in online business, data sharing, information, resource and knowledge gathering and sharing over the World Wide Web (www), you must have your own piece of space on the web to host the information regarding web pages of your web site.

A computer that servers web pages over the internet is called web server. When you enter any URL

in your web browser, it sends request to the server whose domain name is then server fetches the default/index page of that website and shows it in your browser.

These web hosting servers that store and delivers web pages to the internet cost money to setup, maintain and configure that is why web hosting providers charge some monthly or yearly fees as a rent to host your web site on their web servers.

Some web site hosting providers provide free web hosting but there are many drawbacks of free web hosting:

They place ads on your web pages to earn revenue.

They offer some costly web packages to offer free web hosting.

Free web hosting providers do not bother about client satisfaction and technical support.

Some business web hosting providers offer freebies to upgrade to costly web hosting package.

So, forget about free package if you want a quality product and services. You have to do is just find a best rated web hosting.

Generally web hosting is known as storing your web site on a public server. There are number of best web hosting companies providing small business web hosting services. Most often it includes domain name registration, email services and databases.

To obtain web hosting space you have to go through some steps of membership registration, terms and agreement of internet service provider. Once you fulfill all these conditions, you are given all access and authentication to your web space. You can login to your control panel to create your email mailboxes, databases and upload your website so that it can be accessed on the internet.