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Dedicated Server vs Shared Server Hosting

Any website that is located on the internet is viewable by anyone who comes to it. To be able to have your website on the internet, you need a service provider. It is like a location for you to have your website in the internet. The kind of service that allows you to do that is called the web hosting service. There are many kinds of web hosting services available out there and 2 of the most common or mostly used is the shared hosting or the dedicated hosting.

Obviously there is difference in these 2 types of hosting. To put it in simple words, each has a different control given to the user to manage their website. Therefore, we need to know what the differences are before we choose the kind of web hosting we want.

For a shared hosting, its name already gives you a clear idea on what it offers. Shared means multiple websites hosted in the same location. So, in a server, there are multiple websites sharing the space, bandwidth and so on. This type of hosting is ideal for small business as well as new webmasters who are trying out for the first time. Over an all, it is very usable but it has some limitations in its resources.

As you are paying for the service, the provider will provide you with software, security, maintenance and support. As for the users, they will get a certain level of control with the control panel of their choice.

Shared hosting provides control panels like Cpanel PLeask and VDeck. With these control panels, users can really manage their websites. As for the serve, it is maintain or manage by more complex control panel like Helm and DirectAdmin. However, there are also some shared hosting that uses Linux web hosting and they will use either Windows or FreeBSD control panel. A Linux system is know to be compatible with most of the current control panel and therefore making it more acceptable in the market.

Due to the fact that shared hosting is shared, you can guess that the price required owning a website with this kind of web hosting would be more affordable. The fact that it is cheaper is the reason why many people turn to it. They can still get multiple database, management tools and many other service when they choose shared hosting. Even though that they know that it is more likely to face security issue and probability of their website occurring downtime, this is something that the are willing to accept.

On the contrary, a dedicated hosting is a hosting that only hosts one website in the entire server. Therefore, the user has total usage over the server. They do not have to share space, bandwidth or any other feature with any other website. It is most suitable for websites that expect a heavy amount of traffic. With more bandwidth, they have nothing to worry about. Users of dedicated hosting also have the power to choose the type of software that they want to use in the website. They also have the same capability of having multiple domains.

To sum it all up, a user of a dedicated web hosting service will have total control over their website. This provides them with freedom but they themselves have to make sure of the stability of the operation of their website. This is not something complex but very simple. All the skills that the user needs are at an administrative level. Users must also make sure that their website is monitored constantly to maintain security. However, if the user no knowledge about the technical requirements, the hosting provider does provide additional support and service to help users of the dedicated hosting.