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How Much Does it Cost to Register a Domain Name?

Typically you can register a domain for about $9.25. That is basically the going rate for a domain without any discounts. You can get many different TLD (top level domain) names though. Some examples,.org,.info,.mobi,.us,.eu,.name, There is literally a TLD for every country on Earth! The most popular ones are the cheapest though. You are going to have to pay quite a bit of money if you want something exotic. Not to mention most foreign domains are only available to people who reside in that specific country.

If you plan on keeping your domain for multiple years, you will want to make sure you set that up when you initially buy the domain. Most companies will offer you a discounted rate when you purchase more than one year at a time. It is actually a smart idea to do this if you plan on keeping this domain for a long time. Registering it for a long time at the beginning ensures you won’t have to reregister the domain name when your first year expires. You could even get a full year for free if the company has a special going. Although most companies will send you a notice to your email letting you know you only have XX says left on your domain, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Look for a domain registrar with free bonuses is always a priority. If you find a registrar that offers a free Whois privacy bonus, then stick with them. This ensures that your information is kept private. This is especially important because people have been able to make scripts that search Whois databases scanning for email addresses to spam. It is a free bonus that can save you a huge headache.

If you ever decide to change registrars then make sure that the company you are switching to has a low transfer fee. Most will charge you a year’s registration to switch over, some are even less. I would shop around for the best offer before you choose which one you like.