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Starting a Web Hosting Business

So you have finally decided that you want to start a web hosting business. Well for starters, it is definitely a good decision but the potential host should lap up on as much information as possible and delve into its many intricacies. Be prepared that as with any other business, you are required to make a certain amount of investment of money and time.

First you need to consider the title of the hosting company or website. A catchy name that suggests the nature of the business would be an ideal choice. Try to be as original as possible and try including the term “host” somewhere to suggest the nature of your website.

Second step involves designing of a business plan, website design, pricing structures etc. It also entails how you would be marketing your hosting services online. Also take into the legalities of owning and running an online business. This could involve the services of a lawyer as well. He would be able to carefully design the Terms and Conditions and Service Agreement that is imperative for an online business like website hosting. This would shield you from any kind of legal threats as well.

Then come the other aspects like server provider, control panels, website development etc that need to be taken into consideration. The user has a few options to consider when deciding on these aspects. First would be that he himself designs the website or logo or hire a website developer/designer to accomplish this task. Also he can either buy a reseller hosting package or purchase a VPS/dedicated server selling hosting. With the latter the web host can either opt to buy the server management or sell that further to a third party.

As far as the control panels are concerned, the user can choose between Plesk, cPanel, DA and more. The cPanel is a favourite among many users and would be a safe bet if you are unsure which control panel to go for. The cPanel also integrates most of the billing solutions and includes an all-inclusive and easy to navigate interface. A billing software is another aspect that needs to be taken into account. PayPal is a good option as most billing software is compatible with PayPal. The most preferred billing software includes WHMCS and ClientExec. Most importantly, you must have a passion for running a web hosting business!