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Clickbank – A Guide to Getting Started

No matter what kind of internet marketing method you chose you will need a product to promote, this is where affiliate programs come in. The largest and most popular affiliate program is Clickbank. Clickbank has over 10,000 products that you can promote so there is no real need to go elsewhere, there should be enough to keep even the most committed marketer busy.

Becoming a Clickbank member is free and fast and you can be download products to sell straight away. When you register you will chose a nickname and be given a password. This nickname will be added automatically to all the product links you download so that you get credited with the sale. Keep you nickname and password safe for future use. Each time you make a sale the commission goes into your Clickbank account and every two weeks you are sent a cheque for your earnings.

Once you have registered you can start shopping, just go to the marketplace section of the Clickbank site and type in a subject you are interested selling a product related to. There are many categories so you should find a product you like. You can list the products by popularity, commission earned per sale, commission percentage etc. When you find a product you like the sound of, check the sales pitch page, if you still like it and think you can promote and sell it just click the ‘create hop link’ button and you will be presented with a hyperlink to that product with your nickname contained within it. Keep the hyperlink safe and print a copy to use in you promotion.

When you have your hyperlink you could add it to your website, include it in the resource box of an article or create a classified ad. Beware that some article directories do not accept direct links to affiliate products so you may have to set up a redirected domain name to do this. This is easy to do by registering a new domain name with a site like Godaddy and typing in the product hyperlink into the redirect section. Then you can add your new domain name to the article resource box and when the reader clicks on it they will go directly to the affiliate product page. You can buy domain names for just a few dollars and if you go to the right site you can get them hosted for free. If you intend to have lots of websites and redirected domains a company like hostgator will host unlimited domains for a low fixed monthly price.

You can promote as many Clickbank products as you like and in any way you like, if you take some time selecting the right products and promote them well you can make a tidy income. There are also programs available to buy where many Clickbank products have been grouped together in a mall and you just send visitors to your mall and you get commissions on anything that is purchased. Check out my article on CBMALL to find out more.