Apb With Troy Dunn

How to Get Your Property Seen by More Clients

Funny thing……. I’ve been talking about “How to Generate Leads”, which many of you have said was helpful.

The one area I noticed I forgot to cover is how to present the very properties you are looking to wholesale to your database of buyers, now clients. I will cover 2 of the most effective ways that I present properties to clients. These 2 methods far out perform the standard that many other investors may use; ads in the local newspaper and “for sale by owner” signs.

I will show you how you can simply and easily get these properties to clients while not having to run all over town showing properties to each and every person who calls you. If you show it, you want it to be a serious buyer not just another tire kicker. I’ll show you how to have your email & and phone blowing up with these serious buyers contacting you. Last but not least, I’ll show you how you will save precious time doing this so you can enjoy doing the things you love. Method #1 – Email Marketing

Assuming you have a website, which you should, but if you don’t get 1 TODAY!!! I buy my domain names from Go Daddy and I host them at Hostgator. As far as my email marketing; I use Aweber, they have the best service in my opinion. Now back to the matter at hand, because I have my clients names and emails it makes it easy for me to reach them all with 1 email. I’ll compose the email and make sure I include a few things.

* a catchy title

* property picture

* property address

* property taxes

* property insurance (estimate)

* property features

* needed repairs & amount

* neighborhood features

* area comps

* an ARV

* purchase price

* property video (more later)

* a contact number

* a contact email

When my clients receive the email they have all the necessary information to decide if the property fits into what they want. They will either call or email me to let me know they are interested in the property. This gets my email and phone blowing up. It also saves me time, again I only had to send 1 email total and it went to my entire list. I did not have to send a separate email to each of them. Total time composing the email may take 5 to 10 minuets. Method #2 – Video Distributing

There is a tool that I have used for some time now that I have kept to myself like a family treasure locked away in an old trunk in the attic. This tool is TubeMogul. TubeMogul is an online video distribution company and they automate uploading your videos to the Web’s top video sharing sites. They can distribute your video to sites like YouTube, viddler, revver, MySpace, twitter, Tacebook and many, many more.

I’ll shoot a video of the property, this is in my opinion the best way to get properties to clients. On a side note, if you think you can not afford a good video camera no need to worry. Stop by your local electronic store and buy a Flip Video camera, they range in price from $100 to $250. Ok, Ok, let’s get back to it. I shoot videos for several reasons, the 2 most important are 1. It gives the viewer a look at the property just as I have seen it in its present state. Pictures do not always do this. 2. By using Tubemogul, the distribution goes to so many sites it may attract new clients I may have never reached using other means (newspaper ads, for sale sign). See I’m always working to build my buyers list. There are a few things I always make sure to do when making a video.

* title screen with company name and property address (when editing)

* shoot the outside of the house and give a view of the neighborhood

* pan each room so the viewer gets a feel for the size of the room

* mention what rooms I’m going into

* mention needed repairs

* mention property features

* credits screen with my website & contact number (when editing)

This method gets your email and phone blowing up while creating activity on your website. It does not get any easier than this. It saves you time because you do not have to go all over town showing a property, your clients see it inside and out. This again gives you more time to do the things you love. The time it takes to shoot and edit the video can vary, depending on how creative you get. I usually spend about and hour total, shooting the video, editing, making changes and watching the final product. Apply these closely guarded secrets and watch your business take off.

I’ve included an example of what your video should look like. Unlike me when doing your videos try to keep them under 5 minutes. Remember these are to 2 best methods for getting properties to clients.