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How Do I Host a Web Page? 3 Simple Steps to Get Your Web Page Online in Minutes

Getting a web page host to host your web page is a simple process. Of course, for every beginner it can seem to be a confusing process. Just follow these 3 steps and you will have your web site online in a few minutes for very cheap.

Buy a cheap web hosting plan from a web hosting company. If you are just wanting to put your web page online and think you will probably have more web sites in the future, then the best plan you can go for is called a “shared hosting plan”.

This means you will

space on a server with other people. This is actually very secure and a good plan will allow you to host as many domain names as you want. So you can make website after website and never have to pay extra hosting charges.

Secure a domain name, buy a domain name, or transfer the domain name you have already bought. With a good web site host service, a

domain will be included that will be free for life. You will never have to pay the yearly renewal fee. Make sure you pick a hosting plan that gives you this free service.

If you have to transfer your domain, then there will be an easy to follow step-by-step wizard that will help you do this.

Create your web page and upload it to the host. This is a relatively simple “drag and drop” file process using a program called FTP. You can get free FTP programs online such as

for PCs, or

for Macs.